Steve received his PhD from Colorado State University in the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.  His research focuses on engineering algae to produce valuable commercial products.  Currently, Steve is engineering a strain of algae that is capable of producing a bio-fuel molecule that resembles diesel fuel.  He is also engineering a strain of algae that makes Astaxanthin, a molecule capable of protecting cells from dangerous toxins. During his time at CSU, Steve has had the opportunity to be an NSF IGERT Fellow in the Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bio-energy Program and also has been awarded a USDA AFRI scholarship that allows him to perform cutting edge science outreach to high school science students. 

While working on his Ph.D., Steve joined the technology transfer office for CSU, CSU Ventures.  As a licensing assistant, he has gained an intimate understanding of the skills required to manage academic innovations generated by faculty, staff, and students at CSU. With feet planted in both the academic and tech transfer worlds, he has had the chance to manage incoming technologies in a way best suited for success for all stakeholders.   Steve has also had the opportunity to help develop the CSU Ventures Ambassador Program, a program that helps CSU graduate students understand technology transfer and the skills required to become a tech transfer professional. 

The synthesis of these skill sets and experiences has allowed Steve to approach complex and difficult endeavors with strategies built for success.   Steve is committed to use his technical backgrounds in science and tech transfer to increase success for technology heavy projects and companies.  In his free time, Steve spends time with his family and is an avid automobile nut, rebuilding cars and eternally searching for the next classic.